And The Gods Yawned
Author of this text:

Christians with their narrow view
think Jesus' virgin birth unique,
but history shows more than a few
to those who would the record seek. 

Fifteen centuries before Mary's crisis
in seeking a room at the Inn,
Horus was born of the virgin Isis,
received neat gifts from three wise men. 

And Krishna, one of the gods Hindu,
born twelve hundred years before,
was berthed of Devaki, a virgin too,
and thus became eighth avatar. 

Adonis of Babylonian birth,
Whom the goddesses would adore,
born of Ishtar, virgin queen of earth,
goddess of heaven, love and war. 

Eight hundred years ere Christ's advent
came Indra from virgin in Tibet.
And like Christ when he came to die
also ascended into the sky. 

Six hundred years before Jesus came
Buddha was born of Maya the pure;
also virgin born was Quirrnus of Rome,
Zoroaster of Persia, and Mithra for sure. 

The last virgin birth before Mary's
according to our miracle lore:
Attis was born of virgin Nama
in Phrygia, two hundred years before. 

So by the time poor Joseph and Mary
Amid oxen their tired bodies sat,
virgin births, wise men, and ascensions,
had become, for the most part, old hat.

Published in the 2003 May/June issue of the American Rationalist ©.

Ronald G. Crowe

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