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Tom Ciprano
Enjoyed the visit
Good content, congratulation
Yvonne Macias
I have read some excellent articles in the "Rationalist". Reasonable thinking does go over emotion...
second english entry........ polska jest bardzo kochana moja kochanie jest Sceczcin and im going over for 3-4 months i cant wait................ Nietzsche was also decended from Polish nobility
ike onyema
I Love Jesus
Niech moc będzie z Wami. Szukałem Was i znalazłem. Łatwiej żyć , kiedy wiesz ,że w spwoich poglądach nie jeteś sam.
Unfortunatelly, the rationalism as presented iin some of the articles seems to be as small as any other another religion or belief. The articles are often based on negative emotions and resentment agains religion, which contradicts the real rationalism. They also dont seem to show counsiousness the obvious limitations of symbols, language and current scientific model. Hence there is the tendency of making the current science the ultimate truth, which obviously (Newton against Einstein just as an example) is never ultimate and always just a model of reality.
Tolga Taner
Hello! I would like to buy a book from your bookstore. Is it possible for you to send it by registered mail to Turkey? Please write back to my e-mail address. Thank you for your co-operation in advance.
Robert Adcox
Certain physicians have asserted that Terri Schiavo's cerebral cortex has atrophied and receeded to the posterior portion of her cerebral cortex over the past several years. They cite the CAT scans taken of her cranium in their assertions. But no one has asked the obvious: if the cortex really did receed so much, then how did the optic nerves stay attached? If what these physicians have asserted is accurate, then the optic nerves would have eventually separated under the constant stretching and stress loads placed on them. And the result would have been that Terri Schiavo would be completely blind. But clearly she can see, and see quite clearly, as evidenced by her ability to track moving physical objects such as balloons with her eyes. In fact, she did this just last week! Something here is very, very wrong.
Michael Lattari
Świetny serwis! Pozdrawiam jego Twórców!
JIm Whorton
Send me mail on newsletters,joining group,etc. to J>Whorton 13 Carroll St. Auburn MA 01501-3402.Love your web site.I am a Rationalist after seeing what happened to weak,conformist catholic parents.Spreading message that far right in America is NOT what it looks like
Rafal Grzegorczyk
I am very glad to see that the light still is there. I wish to see more logic articles and some questions and answers regarding truth. What is truth? We should have a concept of truth with out any conotations with christian god.
Fajna strona - pozdrawiam - Frodo.
Pojawilo sie ciekawe zrodlo swiatla.Czy rozproszy mrok ciemnosci i glupoty?
wav mp3 converter
Hey, I checked out your site. Pretty impressive but you have way too much free time on your hands!
Clean hard drive
It is a wonderful platform for a needy and a provider.
i love your site and keep up the good work
Poland has held the torch high on so many positive changes in Europe, & with regard to the separation of Church & State, continue to hold it up so that all can see! Here in the US, the reactionaries are slowly but surely eroding our glorious separation. Our times are especially troubling with Abrahamists, Christians, Jews, Muslims all, at war with each other, and indeed with any group that challenges their worldview, and those of us that hold a different perspective are caught in the crossfire. Abrahamists are indeed, more than any other group, the single greatest threat to the future wellbeing of humankind.
Internet passer by
well, I have always claimed reasonable thinking goes over emotions... unfortunately this is not this easy in real life... however, i find this page interesting... however2 let science develop
William Wallace
every 32 adults. With 4.8% of all black males, 1.7% of Hispanics and 0.6% of whites in the population being incarcerated.
William Wallace
The U.S under George W. Bush is no longer the land of the free, home of the brave.The U.S now have both the highest number of Prisoners and the highest rate of imprisionment of any country in the world. The Prison Bureau, an arm of the U.S. Department of Justice estimates that state and federal jails and prisons were holding 2,015,475 prisoners as of the 30th June, 2002. Of these 1,264,437 prisioners were under State jurisdiction and 161,681 under Federal jurisdiction.
William Wallace
Local jails held or supervised 737,912 persons awaiting trial or serving a sentence. With 72,400 of these were persons serving their sentence in the community. This is equivalent to a rate of incarceration of 702 prisoners per 100,000 residents making it the highest imprisionment rate in the world. NB: The U.S Population as of June 2001 was nearly 265 million. In total nearly 6.6 million people were on probation, in jail or prison, or on parole at year end 2001 - 3.1% of all U.S. adult residents or 1 in ev
Michał Piotrowski
It's a great thing that essays in Racjonalista will appear in English. I've been learning this language for last 10 years and now I'm able to use it to increase level of my knowlegde (both about English and scepticism).
The very first entry in english version of the guest book.


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