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You are on a page with links to interesting pages beyond our site which were found by our readers and editors. If there is anything in the Internet that deserve others patience (articles, studies, paragraphs, plots) give us this address, so others can read it.

 Latest links:
Judgment Day -- Intelligent Design on Trial: Nova (27-09-2008)
Source: Google Video Provided by: Wojciech Kucharz
PBS Nova Documentary on the Dover school district trial (Kitzmiller v. Dover) and the ramifications it has for being able to keep Intelligent Design (creationism) out of science classrooms. Ken Miller and many others
Science And The Islamic World (16-08-2007)
Author: Pervez Hoodbhoy
Source: Outlook India Provided by: ND
With well over a billion Muslims and extensive material resources, why is the Islamic world disengaged from science and the process of creating new knowledge? It was not always this way.
An interview with Richard Dawkins (19-05-2006)
Author: BBC
Source: BBC/Atheism Provided by: as
Richard Dawkins holds the Charles Simonyi Chair of Public Understanding of Science in Oxford, and as such he takes a high profile role in the exposition and elucidation of scientific ideas in our culture. He's eminently well placed to do so, being himself one of science's most innovative thinkers.
Friendly Feudalism: The Tibet Myth (01-05-2005)
Author: Michael Parenti
Source: Strona Parentiego Provided by: Mamut
"Krwawa" rozprawa z mitem Starego Tybetu (Shangri-La) - buddyjskiego raju na Ziemi. Brutalny Feudalizm w imię Buddy i Prawa Karmy. Wszystko to co buddyści pragnęliby UKRYĆ przed światem!
Not-so-holy matrimony (30-07-2003)
Author: Karen Armstrong
Source: Guardian Provided by: Ropuszyński
Christianity has always had a bleaker view of love - gay or straight - than any other faith
Church in crisis (30-07-2003)
Author: Leader
Source: Guardian Provided by: Ropuszyński
Schism may be the only answer.Under Archbishop Rowan Williams' predecessor, liberals and conservatives within the Anglican Communion played a waiting game. But now that the ostensibly liberal Williams has replaced George Carey, a raft of issues from gay c
Two kinds of Christianity (30-07-2003)
Provided by: Ropuszyński
There is on the one hand an anthropocentric Christianity, which is prevalent in North America and Western Europe. Its theology, rooted in 19th-century German liberalism and the social gospel of American theologian Reinhold Niebuhr, sets out from human pro
Poland takes the world stage (29-07-2003)
Author: Jonathan Luxmoore
Source: The Tablet Provided by: Ropuszyński
Having always insisted on its right to speak out on public issues, the Catholic Church has been conspicuously silent about the Iraq operation, dismissing it as a "political matter".
GOD IN EUROPE (22-06-2003)
Source: TIMEeurope Magazine Provided by: Mariusz
O Father, Where Art Thou? Christianity is becoming a minority faith in Europe. But God isn't dead: people are defining their own belief systems and mixing in alternative spirituality. A special report


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