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    Almighty AbbaA.J. Mattill, Jr.
    Do We Need Religious Belief?Kim Ludvigsen
    Religion as a Comfort?Bernard Katz
    Twenty Questions For The Intelligent DesignerBernard Katz
    When You Are - or Are not - a Secular HumanistKaz Dziamka
    With Our Backs Towards AgnosticsAndrzej Heyduk

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    With our backs toward agnostic
    Andrzej Heyduk
    Philosophers have been tackling the question of God's existence or non-existence for centuries, invariably to no avail. It became painfully obvious to many great thinkers that it was virtually impossible to construct a strict proof of God's existence while maintaining the rigors of standard epistemology. ..»
    “Under God” or not?
    G. Richard Bozarth
    As an Atheist and a Freethinker, I hope the U.S. Supreme Court does its duty to preserve, protect, and defend the U.S. Constitution by ruling "under God" is a violation of the law known as the First Amendment.
    Nature and the Universe Are My God
    Maurice T. Cowles
    We should not worship Nature as a religion or God as the Universe in the form of praying to them for forgiveness of our sins or pray to them for Santa Clause type gifts. But we must worship them in the form of reverence and respect due to the fact they give us everything we need to survive.
    Kaz Dziamka
    It is time to abandon Protagoras' silly dictum and move on to a higher, biocentric, form of humanism. I suggest we call it "ecohumanism," biocentric politics powered by science, reason, and secular humanism
    Defining a Secular Humanist
    Kaz Dziamka
    Humanism is more than pacifism, but without being grounded in pacifism, humanism is not worth a single editorial.
    20 Questions for God
    Bernard Katz
    These 20 questions show that God, as the Intelligent Designer, never existed in the first place.
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