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    Religionism’s Endemic Hypocrisy and MoneyRichard Bozarth
    Who’s Your Favorite Philosopher?Bernard Katz

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    A nation with a Pope of its own
    Andrzej Koraszewski
    In the native country of late Pope John Paul II the cult of his person has acquired forms which stretch far beyond respect for a religious authority. If we were to look for an idea or a symbol which unite most Poles, I am convinced that it would be the image of John Paul II. Poland is not a happy country... ..»
    The Fruitcake Cults of Hollywood Actors
    Dr William Harwood
    That actors are not necessarily possessed of functioning human brains was demonstrated graphically when Ronald Reagan became the stupidest (to that time) president America had ever had. Reagan's Protestant fundamentalism rejected the discoveries of astronomers and geologists...
    Bush’s Favorite Philosopher
    Bernard Katz
    The fact that Bush has chosen Jesus as his favorite philosopher shows how incredibly naïve and immature the current president of the United States is.
    Religionism’s Endemic Hypocrisy
    Richard Bozarth
    Religionism exerts detrimental moral influence; hypocrisy is endemic among religionists.
    US Government Gone Crazy
    Don Havis
    According to the US, war is peace, just as in Orwell's frightening book, 1984. Dear Editor, sent to various American newspapers just before the war on Iraq:
    A peaceful nation?
    Kaz Dziamka
    Contrary to a popular belief, the US is a brutal and violent country, while President Bush is a semi-literate Christian whose incompetence has become a national security threat.
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