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 Introduction » The American Rationalist

Issue July/August 2003

July/August 2003

American Rationalist


Three Tall Tales
Ingersoll's Inquiries
COMMENTARIES by Bernard Katz

Do You Want This to Happen Here?
Cafeteria-Style Christianity: The Ten Commandments
Who's Your Favorite Philosopher?


Uniqueness: Freedom and Rationality
by Arthur. R Miller
Coming Up: A Spectacular Internecine Brawl
by Charles M. Jaquette
Do We Need Religious Belief?
by Kim Ludvigsen

Religion on Trial
by Chester Dolan
Reviewed by William Harwood
Readers' Forum, APR AR reviews
AR online: 

Our Partner and Host: The Polish Rationalist
by Kaz Dziamka

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« The American Rationalist   (Published: 24-06-2003 )

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