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Answers to frequent questions

Are you against all Churches?

"Are you against all Churches or only against those which want to establish a religious state?".
It depends how we understand the phrase "be against Churches". If it is expressed by word "liquidation" it does not mean "against Churches" but against the situation in which Churches try to interfere in matters of the whole society, not only in matters of their believers (they have right to do that). Yes, in that situation, which in fact takes place in Poland, we say: "liquidation" of this abnormality. Nevertheless rationalism and freethinking is originally "against Churches" as Churches are originally against rationalism and freethinking. But we would rather say that the word "against" means "competition" and it does not imply that we support the "liquidation" of Churches. Although we take the position that our reality should be brought back to the state of "common freethinking". We fight for the reality in which everyone will have the unhampered right to know the opinions of both sides; the reality in which the choice is real and conscious.

Why The Rationalist?

Are you against all Churches?

Why are you doing this? Do you see only bad sides?

Do you have anything to offer to a man? What hope are you giving to him?

I cannot get to the portal. The website is not displayed.

Why is Voltaire (who was a deist) the patron of your portal?

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