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Comments to article The Self-Centered Savior

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A. Sheldon - Your factual error and oversights
Your article misquotes Jesus as claiming to be water. Jesus never
claimed to be water. He claimed to be the GIVER of living water, not
the living water itself. The Holy Spirit is the living water that he gives.

Jesus' claim to be the Bread of Life is confirmed by 1) he was born in
Bethlehem, which means "House of Bread," and 2) the multiplication of
bread to the multitudes.

Jesus' claim to be the Light of the World is confirmed by 1) the
supernatural light of the Star of Bethlehem, and 2) healing a blind man,
enabling him to see the light.

Jesus' claim to be the Door of the Sheepfold is confirmed by 1) his
parents were turned away from the door of the inn, and allowed to enter
a stable, and 2) healing a paralyzed man by Jerusalem's Sheep Gate.

Jesus' claim to be the Good Shepherd Who Gives His Life for the Sheep is
confirmed by 1) the shepherds who sought him on the night he was born,
and identified him by the fact that he was wrapped in burial cloths and
lying in a manger, and 2) the fulfillment of Psalm 23, which included
calming a stormy sea.

His other claims have similar confirming signs. Since his claims are
confirmed by both the circumstances of his birth, and the miracles which
he did, it makes more sense to belief his claims than not to.
Author: A. Sheldon Date: 08-01-2004

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