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Comments to article Same-Sex Marriage

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Tyler Fields - Marriage?
Personally, I belive that gay marriage should not be allowed for the simple fact that it goes against the religion itself. There is the exception of doing it in court but yet most marriages are done by some sort of religeous leader. When it comes to the thought of doing things legally then yes they should be allowed to "marry" persay but it should be seen as a matter of legality. The courts should drop the whole marriage to show partnership and come up with a new strategy. If it was my world, which I am well aware it is not, I would have two froms of marriage: one for the religeous/legal definition of marriage as being a male and female joining together, and another as just the legal definition for financial or otherwise. In this "perfect" world, anyone can marry anyone they choose,granted both parties agree(no arranged marriages of course) but if you want it to be religeous in our current world and still have gay marriage what is the point if it goes against the religeon So if your point in marriage is for the financial or legal issues, then yes, gay marriage shoudl be allowed. If you look at it as just being a religeous thing then you should really take another look into the religeon you're in and think it over. Does your religeon allow gay and lesbian relationships in the first place? But hey, what do I know? I'm just a 16-year-old, middle of the road, white heterosexual male. I wold like any replies sent directly to my email. I love having comments on my thoughts. Insight is good and helps me gain a better understanding. So please send all comments, good or bad, to .
Author: Tyler Fields Date: 11-06-2005

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