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European pact for separation of Church and State and for an open society (25-01-2006)
The "NEUTRUM" Association and the Polish Association of Rationalists (PSR) invite all European non-governmental organizations that support the ideas of separation ofChurch and State and of the secular character of public life on our continent to form an agreement to work together to this end.
We append below a proposal for the wording of such a Pact which can form the basis for discussion about the final text. The final Pact would then be presented to a Congress of NGOs for acceptance.
It would have a symbolic significance if the place to meet and sign the pact was Poland, as it is an EU country where standards of separation of Church and State and of the openness of society are most often violated. Strategically Brussels - the center of EU - would be the best place for the administrative office.
We are prepared to organize such a meeting in Warsaw in 2006, given enough interest. Read..

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