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Humanist media in Poland
Adam Cioch (20-11-2006)
In Poland we have about five percent of non-believers, which is about two million people. Moreover, we have a handful of humanist and freethinker organizations as well as some magazines. The biggest of them appears in about two thousand copies every second month. The magazines are: a periodical "Bez Dogmatu" (Without a dogma) (one of the editors, Andrzej Dominiczak, is present at this conference), the biggest periodical "Res Humana" and "Forum Myśli Wolnej" (Forum of free thought). Polish humanists do not have any access to public radio and TV and no private radio or TV stations see any interest in broadcasting humanist programmmes. Humanist activists have also created websites. The most successful is (The Rationalist), visited by about fifteen thousand people daily. This makes the website the biggest humanist medium in Poland. Read..
ONZ: World Calendar Reform (25-03-2005)
The plan for the reform of the Gregorian Calendar proposed by the World Calendar Association, Inc., is of great importance to the nations of the world. Memorandum on the question of World Calendar Reform Read..
The Autobiography of God (#1)
Dr William Harwood (15-03-2004)
Of course, I, God, am insane. The mythologians who created Me were insane, although not all as insane as Jesus, thank Me, and they created Me in their own image. Read..
Literature quiz
William Harwood (19-07-2003)
Name the book! Can you identify two of the most powerful novels denouncing superstition and tyranny? Read..
Biblical humor
Bernard Katz (30-06-2003)
Neither the Christian God nor the Bible has any sense of humor.To make up for this serious deficiency, we a few jokes and puns that will make your day. Read..
And The Gods Yawned
Ronald G. Crowe (23-06-2003)
Christian dogmas are a copy of other religious dogmas. Virgin births, ascensions to heaven and such long ago became old hat. Read..
Chasing Loons... in a Subaru
Kaz Dziamka (05-06-2002)
Subaru Forester is a unique blend of a comfortable station wagon and a nimble SUV. Just drive it to catch big pikes and watch for loons in Saskatchewan. Read..

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