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The Martyrdom of Wickedness
Andrzej Koraszewski (05-03-2007)
The Jews knew that flight from their Polish, Ukrainian, Belorussian or Russian neighbors could be a leap from the frying pan into the fire. Some naively chose communism, believing in the promise of brotherhood without racism; others escaped to America; still others tried to assimilate, showing thousands of examples of their patriotism. The great majority simply tried to live side by side with their Polish neighbors, hoping that somehow things would work out. Only very few believed in the utopia of rebuilding an Israeli state in Palestine. Read..
In Praise of Consumerism
Andrzej Koraszewski (14-10-2005)
Consumerism does not enjoy a favourable press, never mind a pulpit. Scholars, journalists, and priests are feverishly engrossed in their laptops looking for words of condemnation for people who instead of bowing humbly before "values" and giving sacrifices to gods are rushing to a "temple of Satan" and buying material things. Priests are thundering the loudest. But scholars do not let the grass grow under their feet either. "What contemporary thinkers describe as consumerism seems to be something more than merely a modern modification of hedonism and utilitarianism. The consumer model is based on an anthropocentric, secular vision of the human being, a conqueror and master of nature," writes Antonina Sebasta, an associate professor at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Papal Academy in Krakow. Read..
The Moron in the White House
Dr William Harwood (22-08-2004)
Probably the most damning indictment I, as a Canadian, can level against the moron (IQ 70-84 SB) in the White House is this: He is America's Stockwell Day. Read..
Same-Sex Marriage
Bernard Katz (10-05-2004)
Heterosexuals like the President claim that they are protecting the sanctity of marriage. If this is so, why are there so many divorces? The high divorce rate shows that straights are as committed to marriage as a 9-year-old kid is to practicing the piano! Read..
John Chuckman (14-04-2004)
I am heartened by Zapatero's step onto the world scene speaking truth.... [after] Bush and his grotesque band of armchair killers ... have lied countless times... Read..
An Enemy Of The People
John Chuckman (03-03-2004)
American monster corporations are destroying freedom and democracy: "George Orwell's fictitious world of 1984 seems to me no more sinister than what is gradually emerging in America." Read..
Hey Limbaugh-Bimbaugh!
Kaz Dziamka (29-01-2004)
Rush Limbaugh, the "Dirigible of Drivel," on a mission from a Jewish tribal deity, may be in serious legal trouble. And very well should be. Read..
Bush: a Failed Oilman
John Chuckman (24-01-2004)
Thinking people aren't surprised that George Bush qualifies as a moral and intellectual dry hole. Bush's halting words come from a mouth so long smugly-set it can scarcely form the shapes of vowels, but enormous ignorance also manages to come through. Read..
Terrorism, Then And Now
Bernard Katz (15-01-2004)
If Muslims believe that Islamic believers are the only ones willing to sacrifice themselves in terrorist activities, they should pay close attention to the Jewish/Christian Scriptures... Read..
APPEAL (12-12-2003)
As the representatives of non-governmental organizations we appeal to adopt the Preamble to the European Constitution in the version proposed by the European Convention. Read..
The Doomsday Machine
John Chuckman (04-12-2003)
Goodbye to democracy? America may scrap the Constitution and set up a military government. Read..
A Letter to US troops in Iraq
Stan Goff (18-11-2003)
Dear American serviceperson in Iraq! I am a retired veteran of the army, and my own son is among you, a paratrooper like I was. Read..
Banging Your Head...
John Chuckman (07-11-2003)
A general military action against terror is an insane concept, too destructive and unfocused to have predictable results. You cannot fight beliefs or grievances with armored divisions. Read..
Several Steps Closer To Armageddon
John Chuckman (24-10-2003)
Israel and the U.S. are taking us all closer to Armageddon. Read..
Hope Against Hope
John Chuckman (04-10-2003)
What can be gained by replacing George W. Bush, a dangerous half-wit, with General Clark, a professional killer? Read..
Just Whose Death Is It, Anyway?
Marge Mignacca (04-09-2003)
To conclude that suicide automatically signifies "a diseased mind" is downright irresponsible and inaccurate. Read..
Of Blair, Hussein, And Genocide
John Chuckman (15-08-2003)
Iraq was invaded simply because Hussein didn't play the game by American rules, not because of weapons of mass destruction, murder of Kurds, or any other reason officially given by the US and Britain. Read..
U.S. Government: Enron-Style
John Chuckman (09-08-2003)
The Enron-style management we see in the White House is a formula for eventual catastrophe. Read..
Liberals vs. Crypto-Nazis
John Chuckman (03-08-2003)
The real clash of civilizations, argues Chuckman, is between the liberals and the crypto-Nazis, those extreme right-wing conservatives whose patron-saint, surprisingly, is Thomas Jefferson.  Read..
An Internecine Brawl
Charles M. Jaquette (30-07-2003)
Through his ill-conceived faith-based initiative for government aid to religious charities, President Bush is unwittingly setting a stage for a spectacular internecine brawl. Read..
America’s Pathetic Liberals
John Chuckman (06-06-2003)
American liberals, argues Chuckman, are naïve to look to the Democratic Party as savior. Read..
Banality, Bombast, and Blood
John Chuckman (05-06-2003)
Something corrupt, dirty, and destructive is taking hold of America, choking even ordinary business with the sewerage of ideology. Read..
Bush’s Armageddon
Michael Ortiz Hill (01-06-2003)
Bush's irrational religious passions drive his dangerous foreign policy agenda. Read..
Overpopulation (18-05-2003)
The Catholic Church is pitted against the national security interests of the United States by its efforts to further its own power with increasing numbers. - Janet Brazill Read..
The USA-DEA Cabal (18-05-2003)
The USA-DEA Cabal: An Enemy of Reason. Corporate greed and political corruption shut out the planet's most useful plant, hemp, and its close cousin, marijuana. - Kaz Dziamka Read..

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