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The Bible

Seven Mistakes of the Messiah
A.J. Mattill, Jr. (26-05-2004)
In three verses of the Luke and Matthew gospels, we find seven mistakes of Jesus the Messiah. Read..
Jesus Christ: Born a Jew, Died a Heretic
Bernard Katz (16-03-2004)
Those who maintain that Jesus was Jewish to the core have been and are mistaken. Although Jesus was born a Jew, he certainly died a heretic! Read..
Almighty Abba
A. J. Mattill, Jr. (15-01-2004)
Honest to God, there is no god. There's pointlessness, parasites, pain, yes, but no Almighty Abba. Read..
Crazy stories in Numbers
A. J. Mattill, Jr. (26-10-2003)
The biblical book of Numbers is not worthy to be included in the Bible of any religion. Numbers is indeed a relic of ancient superstition. Read..
What a Difference a Word Makes!
A. J. Mattill, Jr. (15-08-2003)
If Jesus was indeed a liar, as many hold, then the consequences for basic Christian beliefs are devastating. Read..
Not a Good Momma’s Boy
Bernard Katz (26-07-2003)
Jesus was not a good momma's boy; in fact, he was a son that no Jewish momma could be proud of. Read..
Three Tall Tales
A.J. Mattill, Jr. (19-07-2003)
Three ridiculous tales from the Bible: Jesus sitting on water, Jesus walking on water, and Jesus riding on a cloud! So silly, they could actually be entertaining. Read..
Look and Live
A.J. Mattill, Jr. (11-07-2003)
Another embarrassing superstition from the Bible: the bronze serpent on the pole. Just look with faith at the thing, and you will be OK. Read..
The Self-Centered Savior
A.J. Mattill, Jr. (14-06-2003)
Jesus, whoever he was, was not a nice guy. Compared to Buddha, Jesus was quite obnoxious: egocentric, egomaniacal, egotistic. Read..
The Jig Is Up!
Bernard Katz (03-06-2003)
New archaeological research proves that many biblical stories are just fiction and fraud. The jig is up! And atheists are dancing to it. Read..
Dissecting Deuteronomy
A.J. Mattill, Jr. (24-05-2003)
Deuteronomy is a despicable document, its god not worthy of our ethical respect, let alone worship. Read..
Jesus The Immoralist (18-05-2003)
Far from being the "greatest moralist," Jesus was quite immoral. Jesus issues commands, not supported by rational persuasion but by threats of heaven and hell. - Bernard Katz Read..
God’s Camera (18-05-2003)
Christians are like those children who naively personify the forces of the universe as cameramen and ballplayers. - A.J. Mattill, Jr. Read..

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