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A Letter to US troops in Iraq
Stan Goff  (18-11-2003)
Dear American serviceperson in Iraq! I am a retired veteran of the army, and my own son is among you, a paratrooper like I was. Read..
Defining a Secular Humanist
Kaz Dziamka  (25-11-2003)
Humanism is more than pacifism, but without being grounded in pacifism, humanism is not worth a single editorial. Read..
The Doomsday Machine
John Chuckman  (04-12-2003)
Goodbye to democracy? America may scrap the Constitution and set up a military government. Read..
APPEAL  (12-12-2003)
As the representatives of non-governmental organizations we appeal to adopt the Preamble to the European Constitution in the version proposed by the European Convention. Read..
Kaz Dziamka  (24-12-2003)
It is time to abandon Protagoras' silly dictum and move on to a higher, biocentric, form of humanism. I suggest we call it "ecohumanism," biocentric politics powered by science, reason, and secular humanism Read..
Almighty Abba
A. J. Mattill, Jr.  (15-01-2004)
Honest to God, there is no god. There's pointlessness, parasites, pain, yes, but no Almighty Abba. Read..
Terrorism, Then And Now
Bernard Katz  (15-01-2004)
If Muslims believe that Islamic believers are the only ones willing to sacrifice themselves in terrorist activities, they should pay close attention to the Jewish/Christian Scriptures... Read..
Bush: a Failed Oilman
John Chuckman  (24-01-2004)
Thinking people aren't surprised that George Bush qualifies as a moral and intellectual dry hole. Bush's halting words come from a mouth so long smugly-set it can scarcely form the shapes of vowels, but enormous ignorance also manages to come through. Read..
AR Cover  (24-01-2004)
The American Rationalist: An Alternative To Superstition And Nonsense. Issue January/February 2004: Table of contents... Read..
Hey Limbaugh-Bimbaugh!
Kaz Dziamka  (29-01-2004)
Rush Limbaugh, the "Dirigible of Drivel," on a mission from a Jewish tribal deity, may be in serious legal trouble. And very well should be. Read..
Review of Ecohumanism
William Harwood  (09-02-2004)
Not a good book. As Harwood argues, "I have no idea whether Ecohumanism's first four chapters are written in psychobabble, sociobabble, theobabble, Faculty-of-Education doubletalk, or Etruscan. Perhaps they were intended as a primer for Gibberish 101?" The book makes no reference to the project "Ecohumanism," initiated by the American Rationalist as early as 1998, and it is likely that its editor, Prof. Robert B. Tapp, intentionally or unintentionally plagiarized the term, coined at the time by the editor of the American Rationalist, Dr. Kaz Dziamka. Read..
Nature and the Universe Are My God
Maurice T. Cowles  (26-02-2004)
We should not worship Nature as a religion or God as the Universe in the form of praying to them for forgiveness of our sins or pray to them for Santa Clause type gifts. But we must worship them in the form of reverence and respect due to the fact they give us everything we need to survive. Read..
An Enemy Of The People
John Chuckman  (03-03-2004)
American monster corporations are destroying freedom and democracy: "George Orwell's fictitious world of 1984 seems to me no more sinister than what is gradually emerging in America." Read..
The Autobiography of God (#1)
Dr William Harwood  (15-03-2004)
Of course, I, God, am insane. The mythologians who created Me were insane, although not all as insane as Jesus, thank Me, and they created Me in their own image. Read..
Jesus Christ: Born a Jew, Died a Heretic
Bernard Katz  (16-03-2004)
Those who maintain that Jesus was Jewish to the core have been and are mistaken. Although Jesus was born a Jew, he certainly died a heretic! Read..
A Story of Violent Faith
Andrew Johnson  (02-04-2004)
On July 24, 1984, in American Fork, Colorado, an attractive, outgoing young mother, Brenda Lafferty, and her baby daughter Erica were brutally murdered.... It becomes clear that these murders cannot be dismissively pigeonholed as the incomprehensible acts of a pair of lunatics. Read..
AR Cover  (04-04-2004)
The American Rationalist: An Alternative To Superstition And Nonsense. Issue March/April 2004: Table of contents... Read..
John Chuckman  (14-04-2004)
I am heartened by Zapatero's step onto the world scene speaking truth.... [after] Bush and his grotesque band of armchair killers ... have lied countless times... Read..
Same-Sex Marriage
Bernard Katz  (10-05-2004)
Heterosexuals like the President claim that they are protecting the sanctity of marriage. If this is so, why are there so many divorces? The high divorce rate shows that straights are as committed to marriage as a 9-year-old kid is to practicing the piano! Read..
Seven Mistakes of the Messiah
A.J. Mattill, Jr.  (26-05-2004)
In three verses of the Luke and Matthew gospels, we find seven mistakes of Jesus the Messiah. Read..
“Under God” or not?
G. Richard Bozarth  (01-06-2004)
As an Atheist and a Freethinker, I hope the U.S. Supreme Court does its duty to preserve, protect, and defend the U.S. Constitution by ruling "under God" is a violation of the law known as the First Amendment. Read..
AR Cover  (03-06-2004)
The American Rationalist: An Alternative To Superstition And Nonsense. Issue May/June 2004: Table of contents... Read..
The Fruitcake Cults of Hollywood Actors
Dr William Harwood  (17-08-2004)
That actors are not necessarily possessed of functioning human brains was demonstrated graphically when Ronald Reagan became the stupidest (to that time) president America had ever had. Reagan's Protestant fundamentalism rejected the discoveries of astronomers and geologists... Read..
The Moron in the White House
Dr William Harwood  (22-08-2004)
Probably the most damning indictment I, as a Canadian, can level against the moron (IQ 70-84 SB) in the White House is this: He is America's Stockwell Day. Read..
ONZ: World Calendar Reform  (25-03-2005)
The plan for the reform of the Gregorian Calendar proposed by the World Calendar Association, Inc., is of great importance to the nations of the world. Memorandum on the question of World Calendar Reform Read..
A nation with a Pope of its own
Andrzej Koraszewski  (14-08-2005)
In the native country of late Pope John Paul II the cult of his person has acquired forms which stretch far beyond respect for a religious authority. If we were to look for an idea or a symbol which unite most Poles, I am convinced that it would be the image of John Paul II. Poland is not a happy country... Read..
In Praise of Consumerism
Andrzej Koraszewski  (14-10-2005)
Consumerism does not enjoy a favourable press, never mind a pulpit. Scholars, journalists, and priests are feverishly engrossed in their laptops looking for words of condemnation for people who instead of bowing humbly before "values" and giving sacrifices to gods are rushing to a "temple of Satan" and buying material things. Priests are thundering the loudest. But scholars do not let the grass grow under their feet either. "What contemporary thinkers describe as consumerism seems to be something more than merely a modern modification of hedonism and utilitarianism. The consumer model is based on an anthropocentric, secular vision of the human being, a conqueror and master of nature," writes Antonina Sebasta, an associate professor at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Papal Academy in Krakow. Read..
Introjection of fear - a significant change
Weronika Kosińska  (14-12-2005)
We do understand people of other époques, but not because we are the same. We need the same ability to understand, but for the need to understand to arise, first a difference needs to occur. And this difference definitely had occurred. Read..
European pact for separation of Church and State and for an open society  (25-01-2006)
The "NEUTRUM" Association and the Polish Association of Rationalists (PSR) invite all European non-governmental organizations that support the ideas of separation ofChurch and State and of the secular character of public life on our continent to form an agreement to work together to this end.
We append below a proposal for the wording of such a Pact which can form the basis for discussion about the final text. The final Pact would then be presented to a Congress of NGOs for acceptance.
It would have a symbolic significance if the place to meet and sign the pact was Poland, as it is an EU country where standards of separation of Church and State and of the openness of society are most often violated. Strategically Brussels - the center of EU - would be the best place for the administrative office.
We are prepared to organize such a meeting in Warsaw in 2006, given enough interest. Read..
With our backs toward agnostic
Andrzej Heyduk  (13-11-2006)
Philosophers have been tackling the question of God's existence or non-existence for centuries, invariably to no avail. It became painfully obvious to many great thinkers that it was virtually impossible to construct a strict proof of God's existence while maintaining the rigors of standard epistemology. Frequent attempts to disprove divine presence have been equally frustrating. Given this history, it is nothing short of amazing that in very many instances of public discourse in the United States God's existence is simply assumed as confirmed knowledge. In a country strongly controlled by Christian fundamentalists atheism is not only a bad word, but also "non-scientific" or "naďve" while agnostics are often viewed as weird, confused, hesitant people who do not know what they believe. Read..
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