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Mariusz Agnosiewicz - Zapomniane dzieje Polski
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Chasing Loons... in a Subaru
Kaz Dziamka  (05-06-2002)
Subaru Forester is a unique blend of a comfortable station wagon and a nimble SUV. Just drive it to catch big pikes and watch for loons in Saskatchewan. Read..
Jesus The Immoralist  (18-05-2003)
Far from being the "greatest moralist," Jesus was quite immoral. Jesus issues commands, not supported by rational persuasion but by threats of heaven and hell. - Bernard Katz Read..
Overpopulation  (18-05-2003)
The Catholic Church is pitted against the national security interests of the United States by its efforts to further its own power with increasing numbers. - Janet Brazill Read..
God’s Camera  (18-05-2003)
Christians are like those children who naively personify the forces of the universe as cameramen and ballplayers. - A.J. Mattill, Jr. Read..
The USA-DEA Cabal  (18-05-2003)
The USA-DEA Cabal: An Enemy of Reason. Corporate greed and political corruption shut out the planet's most useful plant, hemp, and its close cousin, marijuana. - Kaz Dziamka Read..
How was the Shround of Turin made?
Z.Blania-Bolnar  (20-05-2003)
Clement VII knowing that the Shround was a forgery allowed for it to be exhibited in public & let the mob belive it was an authentic. 650 years of a false shround & true stupidity Read..
Dr. William Harwood  (21-05-2003)
To believe what they claim, Raelians must be brain dead. But Rael, the founder, may be more than just a nutcase. Read..
Dissecting Deuteronomy
A.J. Mattill, Jr.  (24-05-2003)
Deuteronomy is a despicable document, its god not worthy of our ethical respect, let alone worship. Read..
A peaceful nation?
Kaz Dziamka  (24-05-2003)
Contrary to a popular belief, the US is a brutal and violent country, while President Bush is a semi-literate Christian whose incompetence has become a national security threat. Read..
US Government Gone Crazy
Don Havis  (25-05-2003)
According to the US, war is peace, just as in Orwell's frightening book, 1984. Dear Editor, sent to various American newspapers just before the war on Iraq: Read..
Religionism’s Endemic Hypocrisy
Richard Bozarth  (28-05-2003)
Religionism exerts detrimental moral influence; hypocrisy is endemic among religionists. Read..
A Humanist and the Bible
William Harwood  (30-05-2003)
A Humanist in the Bible Belt: Collected Papers 1974-2002 by William Harwood. Reviewed by B.Katz. Dr. Harwood is "the H.L. Mencken of secular humanism," and his book is a slam-dunk. Read..
Teach Secular Humanism
Kaz Dziamka  (31-05-2003)
We must teach science and reason - not religious dogma, fairy tales, and prayer. Read..
Bush’s Armageddon
Michael Ortiz Hill  (01-06-2003)
Bush's irrational religious passions drive his dangerous foreign policy agenda. Read..
Parade of Quotations  (02-06-2003)
Just published, Chester Dolan's book, Religion on Trial, is an impressive compendium of the most quotable quotations about religion. Here's a sample prepared by William Harwood: Read..
Why Islam Declined
Bernard Katz  (02-06-2003)
Islam has bit the dust because in Islamic countries the state has always been the church and the church has always been the state, and God has been head of both. Read..
Dr. Harwood’s biography  (03-06-2003)
The AR's Contributing Editor has a low tolerance for brain-dead religionists and considers going to mass equivalent to attending a 5000-year-old Egyptian god-eating ritual. Read..
The Jig Is Up!
Bernard Katz  (03-06-2003)
New archaeological research proves that many biblical stories are just fiction and fraud. The jig is up! And atheists are dancing to it. Read..
Madison and Jefferson in Warsaw
Kaz Dziamka  (05-06-2003)
If alive today, America's leading Founding Fathers would consider Poland's Third Republic a Catholic neo-theocracy-not a modern, secular democracy. Read..
Banality, Bombast, and Blood
John Chuckman  (05-06-2003)
Something corrupt, dirty, and destructive is taking hold of America, choking even ordinary business with the sewerage of ideology. Read..
Bernard Katz  (06-06-2003)
AR's senior writer and contributing editor has many good reasons to be an atheist. Find out what they are. Read..
America’s Pathetic Liberals
John Chuckman  (06-06-2003)
American liberals, argues Chuckman, are naïve to look to the Democratic Party as savior. Read..
Religion as a Comfort?
Bernard Katz  (08-06-2003)
Become an atheist! The lack of belief in a God clears the mind, increases the ability to think straight, and puts the burden of responsibility where it belongs, argues B. Katz. Read..
An Interview with Dr. Harwood
Kaz Dziamka  (10-06-2003)
Dr. William Harwood does not mince words about the silliness of religious dogmas, the despicable character of Christ, and the miniscule intellectual capacity of Karol Wojtyła. Read..
E = MC whaaa?
Bernard Katz  (11-06-2003)
Scientific literacy in the U.S. is still at an embarrassing low of below 20%, but the situation is improving - a trend which is likely to have a major impact on U.S. politics. Read..
Our Partner and Host
Kaz Dziamka  (14-06-2003)
The American Rationalist's editor offers an overview of the American-Polish partnership and his appreciation to the staff of Racjonalista for their commitment and competence. Read..
The Self-Centered Savior
A.J. Mattill, Jr.  (14-06-2003)
Jesus, whoever he was, was not a nice guy. Compared to Buddha, Jesus was quite obnoxious: egocentric, egomaniacal, egotistic. Read..
Government Must Be Secular
Richard Bozarth  (16-06-2003)
The title says it all: To be good, government must be secular, free from any entanglement with religion or religious establishments. Read..
The Goofiest Sect of All
Don Havis  (17-06-2003)
Mormonism may be the goofiest sect of all, yet, absurdly, it continues to grow because of our "stupendous capacity to believe the incredible." Read..
And The Gods Yawned
Ronald G. Crowe  (23-06-2003)
Christian dogmas are a copy of other religious dogmas. Virgin births, ascensions to heaven and such long ago became old hat. Read..
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