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AR Cover  (24-06-2003)
The American Rationalist: An Alternative To Superstition And Nonsense. Issue July/August 2003: Table of contents... Read..
Biblical humor
Bernard Katz  (30-06-2003)
Neither the Christian God nor the Bible has any sense of humor.To make up for this serious deficiency, we a few jokes and puns that will make your day. Read..
Look and Live
A.J. Mattill, Jr.  (11-07-2003)
Another embarrassing superstition from the Bible: the bronze serpent on the pole. Just look with faith at the thing, and you will be OK. Read..
Literature quiz
William Harwood  (19-07-2003)
Name the book! Can you identify two of the most powerful novels denouncing superstition and tyranny? Read..
Three Tall Tales
A.J. Mattill, Jr.  (19-07-2003)
Three ridiculous tales from the Bible: Jesus sitting on water, Jesus walking on water, and Jesus riding on a cloud! So silly, they could actually be entertaining. Read..
Not a Good Momma’s Boy
Bernard Katz  (26-07-2003)
Jesus was not a good momma's boy; in fact, he was a son that no Jewish momma could be proud of. Read..
Bush’s Favorite Philosopher
Bernard Katz  (26-07-2003)
The fact that Bush has chosen Jesus as his favorite philosopher shows how incredibly naïve and immature the current president of the United States is. Read..
Why Believe?
Kim Ludvigsen (Switzerland)  (26-07-2003)
It is baffling why so many people believe in Christian fairy tales. Buddhism, however, is uniquely undogmatic and offers a tool to search for the Ultimate Truth. Read..
An Internecine Brawl
Charles M. Jaquette  (30-07-2003)
Through his ill-conceived faith-based initiative for government aid to religious charities, President Bush is unwittingly setting a stage for a spectacular internecine brawl. Read..
Book Reviews
William Harwood  (30-07-2003)
Klass: The Real Roswell Crashed-Saucer Coverup; Frazier, Karr, Nickell, eds: The UFO Invasion: The Roswell Incident, Alien Abductions, and Government Coverups; Sheaffer: UFO Sightings... Read..
Liberals vs. Crypto-Nazis
John Chuckman  (03-08-2003)
The real clash of civilizations, argues Chuckman, is between the liberals and the crypto-Nazis, those extreme right-wing conservatives whose patron-saint, surprisingly, is Thomas Jefferson.  Read..
U.S. Government: Enron-Style
John Chuckman  (09-08-2003)
The Enron-style management we see in the White House is a formula for eventual catastrophe. Read..
Secret Vatican Document  (10-08-2003)
Here is the secret Vatican document that instructs bishops to cover up sex crimes by priests. An unofficial English translation (form Latin) provided to Read..
What a Difference a Word Makes!
A. J. Mattill, Jr.  (15-08-2003)
If Jesus was indeed a liar, as many hold, then the consequences for basic Christian beliefs are devastating. Read..
Of Blair, Hussein, And Genocide
John Chuckman  (15-08-2003)
Iraq was invaded simply because Hussein didn't play the game by American rules, not because of weapons of mass destruction, murder of Kurds, or any other reason officially given by the US and Britain. Read..
Portrait Of A Freethinker  (15-08-2003)
American Rationalist's Contributing Editor Richard Bozarth used to work for America's most famous atheist, Madalyn Murray O'Hair. If he ever loses, he is prepared to lose his own way. Read..
The American Dream... or Nightmare?
Kaz Dziamka  (02-09-2003)
In his book, Lithuanian writer Valdas Anelauskas has succeeded in exposing "The American Dream" as it is: A ruthless corporate oligarchy masquerading as a "democracy" and "free enterprise." Read..
Just Whose Death Is It, Anyway?
Marge Mignacca  (04-09-2003)
To conclude that suicide automatically signifies "a diseased mind" is downright irresponsible and inaccurate. Read..
AR Cover  (04-09-2003)
The American Rationalist: An Alternative To Superstition And Nonsense. Issue September/October 2003: Table of contents... Read..
The Saint of Hemorrhoids
Bernard Katz  (12-09-2003)
You have hemorrhoids? No problem. Expose your ass and pray and pray to the statue of Saint Goncalo. Read..
Evolution or Genesis?
Louis W. Cable  (19-09-2003)
Either evolution and genesis are mutually exclusive. Either one can be true, not both. Read..
Madalyn M. O'Hair
G. Richard Bozarth  (21-09-2003)
"I will always feel sad that Madalyn was not the magnificent Freethought leader I once believe she was"... America's Most Famous Atheist: an insider's story. Read..
Hope Against Hope
John Chuckman  (04-10-2003)
What can be gained by replacing George W. Bush, a dangerous half-wit, with General Clark, a professional killer? Read..
Confessions of an Atheist
Kaz Dziamka  (18-10-2003)
A remarkable essay by Natalie Angier about her life as an atheist in the United States. Read..
Several Steps Closer To Armageddon
John Chuckman  (24-10-2003)
Israel and the U.S. are taking us all closer to Armageddon. Read..
Crazy stories in Numbers
A. J. Mattill, Jr.  (26-10-2003)
The biblical book of Numbers is not worthy to be included in the Bible of any religion. Numbers is indeed a relic of ancient superstition. Read..
20 Questions for God
Bernard Katz  (26-10-2003)
These 20 questions show that God, as the Intelligent Designer, never existed in the first place. Read..
AR Cover  (26-10-2003)
The American Rationalist: An Alternative To Superstition And Nonsense. Issue November/December 2003: Table of contents... Read..
Banging Your Head...
John Chuckman  (07-11-2003)
A general military action against terror is an insane concept, too destructive and unfocused to have predictable results. You cannot fight beliefs or grievances with armored divisions. Read..
Freedom of conscience in schools  (17-11-2003)
The Observance of Freedom of Conscience and Religion in Public Schools in Poland - The Polish Association For Ideologically-Free Stare "Neutrum". Report sponsored by PHARE. Read..
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